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Work has had the better of you for a while but you’re ready to fight back now. It’s YOUR time.

The Online

Resilience & Wellbeing Programme

By Shari Khan

Starts Monday 5th Nov. 2018

A tried and tested way to get your life at work and home back into perspective.

The programme for hard-working busy people who are tired of being on the back foot, leaving them stressed and overwhelmed. Get tools that you can start to use immediately and benefit from for years to come. You will feel more able to cope with what life throws at you as a result.

I’ve supported many hundreds of busy people learn how to cope with the busyness at work so they felt they had a quality life outside of work too. I share the VERY tools I use with them on this programme.  

You are a busy working professional who has too much on your plate. You work hard but feel you don’t achieve what you should. You feel frustrated and sometimes overwhelmed by it all. The satisfaction you used to get from work has gone and this impacts on home-life.

Life feels like a race against time and you have decided you don’t want to carry on like this.

Woman rushing in a city.You know it’s not good for your health, your ‘sanity’ or for those around you. You want to change things so that your life is more balanced. So you feel you are more in control rather than constantly being on the back-foot.

You’ve got two big problems;

You’re not sure where to start! And you’re busy, very busy and can’t take time off to attend training courses to learn how to make a difference to your world of work and life.

I’ve been where you are now. Many years ago I also struggled with the issues you are facing. I’ve learned from personal experience as well as investing heavily in my professional development in this area of Resilience and Wellbeing.

young businesswoman hiding her anger behind the mask of good mooWhat you need is a proven way to get a perspective on life again. Tools that help you move from where you are right now to much firmer ground. (You want to feel solid, not shaky!). And you want these tools and strategies delivered quickly and in small, manageable chunks so that you can apply them and start feeling the difference.


Worried businessman sitting at office desk full with books and pYou’re a professional, you may have staff reporting to you or colleagues you work with but with the increased pressures at work you’re feeling a little less confident in yourself.

What happened to enjoying work? What happened to enjoying life? Is this all there is to it? How much security do I have in this job? These are just some of the questions that might have crept into your mind as you’ve struggled on lately.

You are good at what you do but recently your confidence has taken a knock. You’re aware that you need to make some changes to get your life back into shape but this time you want to have tools that will stand the test of time.

“Shari’s approach to training is very authentic and engaging, and she walks the talk of being your authentic self at work. Within minutes of beginning Shari’s Resilience and Wellbeing Programme she cut to the core of the group’s fears about the extreme climate of job insecurity. She encouraged all of us to be a whole person at work even in the most demanding of business situations. Five years later and I still use those skills to weather any storm that comes my way.”

Marella Hoffman, Independent Consultant

I’m Shari Khan and I am pretty obsessed about touching people’s lives so they feel empowered. My background is in Training and Development and I work with companies large and small in the areas of ‘change’ ‘leadership and management development’ and ‘resilience’, I’m also a qualified Exec. Coach – something I’m fiercely proud of as this is key to the way in which I support my clients.

In 2011 I created my Resilience and Wellbeing Workshop, an in-person workshop which gave attendees a chance to learn ways to become more resilient and more able to cope with the pressures that were beginning to emerge back then. Following the success of that workshop, now delivered to +500 people, and the incredible difference people said it made for them, I created this online programme. Especially designed for busy people like you who are working hard but need to focus on your personal resilience and well-being so you don’t burn out. So you can carry on doing good work without becoming over-stressed, against a back-drop of a more pressured work environment and hectic life.

Say goodbye to the confusion and overwhelm

A tried, tested and proven way to get your life at work (and home) back as you want it to be.

Welcome in your new-found confidence in yourself

Help is at hand

You might feel that you should be able to ‘fix this’ yourself. The truth is no matter what you do for a living, no matter how senior or junior you are in your professional role, you’re human! We all need support, a gentle nudge or hand-holding to move some things along. And you’re NOT alone. Working life is getting more difficult to navigate as the years roll on.

This programme, which opens again on Monday 5th November 2018, guides you step-by-step, taking the guess work out of what you need to do. It’s designed to uniquely address the challenges you are facing right now. Part of the beauty is that you will take a holistic (not piece-meal) look at what’s not working well for you and start to make changes that have big improvement NOW and for YEARS to come. This is a transformational programme.

“When I joined the programme I needed to change the way I was working, there was never enough hours in the day! A backlog was building up and I wasn’t spending enough time with my children and family.
Since completing the programme I feel much more in control, I am much more organised and as a result I am completing my work and spending more time with my family.
The programme really makes you think about your life and the changes needed. I’m sleeping better and actually feel better and as a result I am happier. I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone as it WILL change your life for the better.”


Sue Smith – Director
Alpha Costs Consultants Ltd

Here’s a run-down of what’s in the programme

Opens Monday 5th Nov. 2018

Register before time runs out!

  • Weekly step-by-step training.

The programme is delivered on a Monday, over a 5 week period. It’s concentrated into just 1 hour a week allowing you to make real, incremental changes week-on-week. There will be supporting documents with some of the modules and you’ll have an Action Plan to complete and update in between the modules and a way to record the changes and improvements you make.

  • Online, portable and downloadable for life-time access

The emphasis is on quality training content and checking that all learning styles are catered for. So, whether you learn best by watching, listening or doing – we’ve got you covered with our video, audio and pdf formats. YOU decide what time, place and pace suits you.

Download the training and repeat it as often as you like in years to come – it’s yours for life.

  • Tried and tested tool-kit

Introduction and guided use of tools, strategies and tips that I still personally use and have trained others in over many years. The litmus test for me is that everything in the tool-kit you get is easy to use, understand and put into practice.

  • A safe place for you

When there is uncertainty and challenge in our lives, we hanker for a place where we can feel safe and protected. This programme is that safe place. You will be encouraged and supported in re-connecting with yourself to feel stronger and more resilient.

Discuss the challenges you’re facing and the successes you have week by week within the programme. You’ll also be able to connect with others in our Facebook Group – just for members of the programme, it’s hidden from the general public. We open the Facebook Group towards the end of the programme so you can focus on the content of the weekly modules (we did this based on feedback).

  • A live Question and Answer webinar

There’s something special about being in a shared space in real-time. The next best thing to meeting in person for a workshop is meeting up on a live webinar. We run one live Q&A webinar during the programme, you’ll get notice of the date once you register.

Want more detail?

The Breakdown – module by module

Delivered to you weekly so you can build up confidence in yourself without being overloaded at the start

Your confidentiality and privacy is high on our agenda so the training area is private and password protected. This ensures that only you and others on the course get access to the material and can take part in the valuable discussions online.

To make sure you get the very best from the programme, the first training is the Getting Started module. Here you’ll find out what to put in place to get the very best from the online programme. It sets you up for maximum success. If this is your first online training, rest assured that the technology side of it has been made as easy as possible.

Each training module is concise – packed into one hour of guided training so you have to do more than just listen! You have to take part (but then you know that just listening isn’t going to cut it, right?). You will receive one module a week and always on a Monday so you have a week to carry out the actions from the programme. All the material is in slide format with my voice over so you get the advantage of me talking you step-by step through the material. You can download the course in various formats for convenience and portability.

Because it’s an online course you can learn at any time and place you want, no matter what your location, time zone or working hours. And because deciding to make changes like the ones you’re thinking of can be daunting, this is a very carefully structured programme with lots of support including a live Questions & Answers webinar. Each of the learning modules introduces you to tools and techniques that you are encouraged to put into practice before the next session. You’ll get ideas, inspiration, support and encouragement from others on this journey with you. It’s a truly interactive experience, and a very respectful one because we set things up that way from the start.

Our alumni tell us of the sense of connection and achievement they felt as they worked towards their goals through the programme.

Week 1

Getting Started

Helps you make this programme the one that changed your life for the better.

  • Gets you in the right frame of mind to get the VERY best from the programme
  • Explains how to organise yourself and what to expect within the 5 weeks
  • Sets your first challenge
Week 2

Taking Stock

  • You take an holistic view of your life
  • Introduced to tools
  • Start gaining some perspective
  • Taking Action
Week 3

Deciding what to Change

  • Hone in from big picture to specifics
  • Introduced to tools
  • Decide which areas you want to make changes in first
  • Action planning
Week 4

Rediscovering your Inner Strength

  • Understanding what’s keeping you stuck
  • Use of strategies to build resilience and safeguard your wellbeing
  • Start feeling good about yourself again
  • Gain clarity that comes with perspective
Week 5

Joining the Dots

  • Review your progress in real terms (work and home)
  • Learn how to minimise your need to worry
  • Take a big picture look at your life again
  • Decide actions you want to work on in the next 3 months

Although it’s a 5 week course, you will be continuing with the changes you need to make for 3 months down the line.

“Shari is perfect at allowing you to step back and consider what is important in your life and how to achieve more of this. With her engaging personality and subtle but powerful techniques in allowing you to appreciate your true self, she will leave you with some lasting thoughts on how to build resilience into your daily routines and get closer to what you want out of life.”

Julian – Interim Chief Financial Officer

Busy at work and worried you might fall behind? No worries, even though the training arrives in your inbox on a Monday – you can decide when to work through it. Even once the programme has ended all course material is downloadable and stays live for 30 days after the official completion date. Remember you can save, download and print the material and refer back to it at your leisure in months or even years to come, plus the support of the members-only Facebook community remains available for you indefinitely.

Important: This training is focused on how to make the changes you want, whether at work or at home. It assumes you are willing to put in some time to think about the changes you want to see. It is natural for people registering for this programme to feel overwhelmed, nervous or ‘at their wits end’, that’s who it’s designed for, that’s where I do my best work. However, if you have been diagnosed as suffering from Depression or Anxiety, you may instead wish to consult a registered therapist. I am an experienced and qualified trainer and coach, not a therapist.

Our risk-free guarantee

Life-time access

There’s a 100% risk free refund policy in place, so you can buy with confidence. If you try the programme (giving it your best shot) for 14 days and don’t get any value we will stand by our guarantee. Dip in and out of the content as you need now and in months and years to come. The programme content is yours to keep for life.

VIP Bonuses

Bonus 1 – Time

The problem:

You are ‘time-poor’. If only you knew how to claw back an hour a day! By now you will have read many versions of ‘Top 10 tips to make more time’ (or similar titles). Yet year after year you are still trying to make more time.

The solution:

Why more ‘time management’ tips won’t help you now and what you need to do instead

This bonus read explains why and what you need to do instead. We all need a new way of looking at time.


Bonus 2 - Space

The problem:

You’re in the thick of it and can’t see the wood for the trees, the challenges are coming hard and fast and right in this moment life feels overwhelming.

The solution:

Reconnecting with timeless space

Listen to this guided meditation. Let me take you to a place where you will see your challenges and obstacles as clouds that float on by. There is no distance to travel to get to this place and with practice you will learn to reconnect within seconds. No previous experience of meditation needed. (Sitting in lotus position is optional ;))

Wondering if this programme is for you?

Let’s find out.

The stressed manager

You are a professional who doesn’t want others to know you are struggling. You are responsible for the wellbeing of others and need to become more resilient yourself in order to lead your team more convincingly.

The overwhelmed worker

The goal posts are constantly moving as you go about your day-to-day work, the demands on you just keep piling up. You feel frustrated, tired or overwhelmed and want to feel assertive and confident again. You’re looking for practical tools and techniques to feel less stressed and more in control.

The ‘Yes, I can do it’ person

You are the person everyone comes to when they need help, you always say ‘yes’. The pressure is taking it’s toll on you and making you feel guilty and unprofessional. You are looking for ways to help you change your behaviour without feeling guilty.

The 'mid-night oil' burner

You find you are working very long hours each day and leave work feeling shattered and irritable. Sometime you take more work home. You can’t seem to find time for family or fun and want to get a more balanced perspective to your life than you have right now.

The frazzled parent

As though work wasn’t pressured enough, you have other demands to think of too! What work-life balance? You want help getting to a place where you have quality time with the people you love AND be respected for the part you play at work.

The Searcher

Things may be coasting along but you know that life was meant to be more than this. You’re okay but you are not fulfilled. You want to start living NOW before more years pass you by and you’re ready to learn about the tools that will get you on this path quickly.

This programme can and will change your life for the better and I can tell you I will be there every step of the way to support you. Your challenges and issues become mine and we face them together, and your small-wins and big successes will be celebrated not just by you and me but by others on the programme.

“A truly helpful aspect of this training has been having Shari’s support and guidance throughout. Instead of feeling like I had to deal with all my challenges alone, I felt I had someone I could reach out to if I needed, that was genuinely invested in my success, in this process of achieving what I consider important to me.

I felt empowered as a result of having been through this programme.”

Ricardo Vilela

Media Consultant/ Producer


How much is the programme?

The investment in the programme is currently £597 per individual for life-time access. Enroll now to start benefiting immediately.

We encourage early enrollment so you can receive the Welcome video and make a start by using the Bonuses.

How do I know it’s worth the investment?

We have a 100% refund policy in place.

I’m confident you’ll be delighted with this training. And because I belief in actively not worrying about things, I want the same for you. I don’t want you to worry about your investment, that’s why there is a 100% refund policy in place, so you can buy with confidence.

Read our full Terms and Conditions.

Never worked with me before?

I understand that you might be holding back because you don’t know if I can help you get where you want to. Below are a few quotations  from people who have worked with me in the past and you can also watch some video testimonials here.

How do I know it’s worth the investment?

Your one time investment in yourself covers you for life. We understand that life has ups and downs, so the next time you feel stuck or overwhelmed, no hanging around, you just dive back into the modules and re-connect.

Option 1

Do it yourself

You could go it alone and struggle on finding snippets of useful tips and handy hacks off the internet. But this will take time, be distracting and who knows what piece of the puzzle you’ll miss. And in the meantime you suffer alone becoming more isolated and with no real plan to get you to where you want to be.


Option 2

Get a personal Coach

 You could hire a Coach to work 1-2-1 with you. And if this is affordable, it will work. Coaching programmes cost around £1,500 – £2,000 (for 5 sessions) and you’ll need to be sure you have a Coach you work well with.

However, what happens when the coaching ends? You’re on your own again.



 Option 3

Join the programme

 Learn tried and tested strategies, use tools that have already worked for others and all in a step-by-step programme that builds your resilience and wellbeing and makes you feel stronger from the inside. No wasted time thinking ‘what if’. Feel supported as you take action. Remember you get life-time access to the training and a shared journey with others.

There’s a chair with your name on it

What would it be worth to you to feel like you can face the things that life throws at you, have resources at your disposal to keep work and life in perspective and not become stressed? There is so much useful content on the internet nowadays that you might think it’s something you can tackle yourself. When you’re already struggling, don’t set yourself another challenge that’s based on trial and error.

One of the roles I had in the past was as Change and Development Manager; I’m putting that hat back on as I guide you through the Resilience and Wellbeing Programme. Because life, (especially if you want things to be different), is all about change my friend! The difference is that this time YOU will be in control of the change – no one else.

Before we can invest in the world whole-heartedly, I believe we need to invest in ourselves. I believe this on a personal and professional level. Don’t worry about how bad you think things are at the moment, if you are ready to commit to putting the time into this training then the programme will get you to much firmer ground.

14 DAY 100% Guarantee Risk free

We have a 100% refund policy in place.

I’m confident you’ll be delighted with this training. But I know this is a big investment and I want you to feel comfortable that the programme is right for you. That’s why there’s a 14 day money back guarantee in place, so you can buy with confidence. If you join the programme and work through the first 14 days, giving it your very best shot and you’re not convinced that the programme will improve your levels of resilience or well-being, I will happily refund you in full*.

*To qualify for a refund you will be asked to send in a copy of your completed Action Plan and other documentation that you will have been encouraged to complete by this stage along with an explanation of where you feel the programme did not deliver what we said it would. We are fiercely proud of the way we look after each of our customers so we will try to find a workable solution with you but if we can’t, you will be refunded in full (minus PayPal fees). Read our full Terms and Conditions here.

I want you to feel supported right from the start on this programme and this is just one of the ways we can do that.

My Invitation to you

Ready to take your seat?

Programme begins Monday  5th Nov. 2018


Basic Plan
£397 Individual, life-time access

This Early Bird price will revert to the normal price £597

Online Resilience and Wellbeing Programme
Your investment in YOU is a reflection of how you value yourself.
By enrolling on this programme you are agreeing to our
Companies and organisations wishing to purchase multiple places, please contact me directly.

Never worked with me before?

I understand that you might be holding back because you don’t know if I can help you get where you want to. Here are a few quotations from people who have worked with me.


“She is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with, top in her field.”

Jo Mills
Director of Planning and New Communities

“I was feeling lost and quite unsure in my new role. Then I started to work with Shari as my Executive Coach. A few months on and I am leading our fast-paced operation with calm and decisive action. The tools and techniques she uses have had such a big impact on my work and personal life.”

 Sam Bird
 Operations Director - Cambridge Dining Company

“The programme has challenged me to look at my managerial behaviours, both inward and outward facing. It gave me the opportunity, confidence and support to improve my ways of working, it also enhanced my skills to engage and empower my team to develop and perform even better.”  


Rob Mitchell

 “There is always an area where improvement can be made and this course allows you to reflect, understand and then provides the tools to action change.”

Aarron Locks

“Life changing! Excellent. You explain things in such a way as to trigger me to think differently. I’m beginning to understand the reasoning behind my actions.”               

Coaching Client
Supervisor - Private sector

“Shari is perfect at allowing you to step back and consider what is important in your life and how to achieve more of this.  With her engaging personality and subtle but powerful techniques in allowing you to appreciate your true self, she will leave you with some lasting thoughts on how to build resilience into your daily routines and get closer to what you want out of life.”

Delegate on progamme
 Interim Chief Financial Officer

“Excellent programme that gives you the tools necessary to really start making a difference to how you view and react to pressures and stress at work.”                                                         

Delegate on programme

“An inspirational and motivational course that helped to break down questions and analyse all aspects of life!”



Tim Abberley
Delegate - Resilience Programme


“It is a pleasure to be trained by a trainer who is obviously passionate and knowledgeable about the subject.”                                  


Course participant   
Change Programme

    “Shari helped me become better organised, more focused and in control. As a result I am more fulfilled in both my working life and home life and more driven in my career.” 

Wil Findlay
Exec. Chef

Ready to commit?

Life can be so much more than just surviving day in day out. Get back in touch with the goodness of the world around you, make that goodness (and magic) a part of your day to day working life.  Book now  and join us for an online experience like no other – take back control and re-learn how to flourish and not just survive.

Basic Plan
£397 Individual, life-time access

This Early Bird price will revert to the normal price £597

Online Resilience and Wellbeing Programme
Your investment in YOU is a reflection of how you value yourself.
By enrolling on this programme you are agreeing to our
Companies and organisations wishing to purchase multiple places, please contact me directly.